Obama’s Reptilian Alien Secret Service Agent

Is one of Barack Obama’s bodyguards an reptilian shape-shifter?

The above screenshot was taken and captured from news video clip recently.

The original footage can be seen in the video below discussing Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel while showing “Obama AIPAC 2012 speech”.

The segment captured above occurs at the 36 second mark of the first video. This video is getting a lot of view on You-tube and elsewhere on the internet with comments coming in expressing shock, amazement and denial.

From the angle of the shot made by jn1 AKA “Jewish News One”, it looks like he shape-shifted and his human face was just gone. There’s no (edited) way that physical transformation could have been an image glitch.

Original Video Footage: 


Update :

Down below is another video but from different angle. Even though he looks human, but his head and facial structure is weird on top of that, he moves like a reptilian.


That moment:


Back in 2010 Barack Obama does a guest appearance on “The View”, and out of no where he started speaking of the reptilian parts of our brain.


What do you think ?

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