URGENT:Planet X Visible Every Day of 2016 So Far Only Using Naked Eyes


According to NASA imagery and amateur video taken over the past 24 days, a large celestial object, likely a brown dwarf star, approximately five times the size of earth, is currently inbound, moving toward earth at a high rate of speed from the vicinity of behind the sun.

This object has been researched by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas for over 25 years and is likely the basis for all emergency preparations by world governments which we’ve seen transpire over the last three decades after the object was discovered during the Regan Administration by NASA’s IRAS telescope.

If you read a previous post by The Voice of Reason titled, Secret Societies Have Arranged For Trillions to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, But Not You, then you know it was part of a larger series where it was laid out how the global elite have been well aware of this celestial body’s coming arrival for some time now. In fact, they’ve been preparing since 1982 when it was discovered, and at this very moment, they are so ready for it, almost every developed nation on earth has massive underground bunkers in preparation for what effects the gravity of this incoming giant might have on earth. Many of these bunkers, even in other countries, were paid for by U.S. taxpayers, according to Bob Fletcher. That post reported:

Bob Fletcher was a guest on Coast to Coast AM on July 23, 2015. Bob’s had an interesting life to say the least. Having been a co-owner and victim of a partner who laundered corporate money for a covert CIA operation that provided guns to the Contras back in the 1980’s, that experience landed Bob not only in witness protection initially, but also later as a consultant in several extremely delicate and high profile cases involving money laundering where Bob was asked to assist based on his experience with his prior business partner’s activity. Bob assisted on several various Congressional panels, others with the Pentagon, some with the CIA, and even with the National Security Agency.

At one point Bob was even involved in assisting with the investigation into the Oklahoma City Bombing. The more these agencies asked for Bob’s help, the better he got at noticing when something fishy was going on with the accounting (my words, not his), and the more they asked for his expertise in later cases. His talent for quickly catching onto money laundering schemes is ultimately what became the catalyst for his quest to find Planet X. It was never something he sought out to do. 

In 2012, Bob was contacted by Congress, this time to help investigate where TRILLIONS of missing American tax dollars went… and so Bob’s latest adventure began. Very quickly, among other things, Bob realized the gold we are allegedly holding for other countries is long gone, along with so many other American assets, all with no explanation, and no tangible benefit he could locate. One thing led to another, and his experience catching covert CIA money laundering operations led to the shocking discovery that for some reason, in the early 1980’s, MASSIVE amounts of money were being funneled into Top Secret black op underground roads and facilities.

Further investigation led Bob to realize the U.S. is also funding (or co-funding) similar facilities for other nations in exchange for support with terrorism etc. It turns out, every major industrialized nation has been doing the same type of digging and constructing underground facilities since roughly 1983. That was when the first U.S. infrared telescope spotted Planet X. Since that time, theVatican’s LUCIFER Telescope (YES – you read that right) has also picked up the incoming celestial object. 

Bob reports that the underground roads and facilities are being constructed on such a massive scale, it is rumored that some roads stretch over 800 miles underground between checkpoints. The machines the United States has conducting our drilling operations are so massive, when they pull out, they’ve bored a hole large enough for two 18 wheel tractor trailers to drive next to each other side-by-side. Our drills are reportedly the second largest in the world, with only China’s being larger. There’s are THREE TIMES the size of ours. 

Here’s the way I see this: Right now you’re either going to believe this story or you won’t; you’ll do further research into this story, or you won’t. You’ll plug your ears and scream, “NAH, NAH, NAH,” or you’ll open your eyes and ears to what your are reading and research further, however, what I say at this point I doubt will sway many people, so I’ll keep the rest of my summary brief. 

Bottom line: Bob’s investigations led to the discovery of between 100-103 facilities including the ones being actively constructed, and part of what made his discovery so easy was the massive amount of money going into alleged “infrastructure” projects. Uh, anyone with half a brain knows our nation’s infrastructure “above ground” is falling apart, so if TRILLIONS were being spent, someone would have noticed. At the very least Joe Biden would have his damn super railroad. 

Throughout the course of his investigations, Bob also found (and it may be included on his DVD, I don’t remember) a copy of a letter from FEMA that went out to every single dry food storage company in the country bluntly asking, “On 24 hour notice, how many tons can you provide and what will it cost?”

A similar situation happened with George Noory, who is the host of Coast to Coast AM. Patriot Supply is one of their sponsors, and they offer deep discounts to Coast listeners, and not long ago, they told George FEMA approached them looking to buy their entire inventory. Currently, it was a request, so it was denied. Patriot Supply continues to provide food storage for Patriots, but who knows? At some point that “request” from FEMA may change to a “demand” for all we know. Either way, since they are a sponsor, they felt obligated to tell the host George Noory.

Steve Quayle independently confirms what Bob Fletcher said with the following: 

“With the notable exceptions of Svalbard Seed Vault, and the government of Australia, the global community has taken a sarcastic, or perhaps measuredly protective, position regarding the dissemination of information as it applies to a possible near-term encounter. Since its discovery in 1982, Planet X was acknowledged by NASA, and in 1983, the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) detected a large object in deep space and the JPL deemed it newsworthy on several occasions.” – http://www.stevequayle.com.

Honestly, I don’t care what you believe about Planet X. I don’t. What I DO hope you recognize is that there are PLENTY of facts that we the taxpayers have been given that DO NOT add up.

Believe what you want, but you might want to start asking some tough questions. For example, “Why was NASA recently practicing shooting asteroids coming at the Earth?” Think I’m kidding? You can find PLENTY of stories that came out of nowhere on that one. That gets to the heart of NASA’s plan if Nibiru does eventually present a threat, which is expected to be between December and March of this year coming up. Research on your own or email me to learn more about that. I’m willing to bet most people have forgotten the following clip:




Source: beforeitsnews.com – Mysterious Planet X Visible Every Day of 2016 So Far Only Using Naked Eyes (Videos)



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