Amazing Hidden Messages In Popular Kids Movies

Top 10 subliminal adult jokes in children’s films and shows.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

We all grew up enjoying a range of children’s live action and animated films. In fact, for many of us, some of the best memories are when we got together with family or friends to watch the newest Disney or Pixar releases.

An army of various characters soon became household names and more than one child got a doll, coloring book or action figure related to these films as a gift over the years. Yes, these childhood films played such a big role in our upbringing as they entertained us and provided some valuable lessons and messages. Or did they?

As we got older certain jokes in these ‘kids’ films started to make better sense. That is, certain actions and lines were now understood not from the point of view of an unknowing child but an experienced, better-knowing (if not cynical) adult. It turns out these films weren’t always so pure and their messages weren’t always so straightforward.

As you thought about it more, watched those old classics one more time or discussed it with family and friends, it did turn out that there were often dirty or political messages and jokes hidden in those once innocent classics.

In fact, sexual references and innuendoes are very common in kids’ films but sometimes it goes a little further. Sometimes, messages are hidden in the background, in the form of garbled audio spoken by a character or even hidden in plain sight.

Certain films are notorious for including hidden or subliminal messages and certain film companies have a considerable track record for adding what is often considered inappropriate content.


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