“The Man in the Hat” – The Brussels Terror Attacks: Fake Videos and Images

After a month of exhaustive police investigations, the Belgian authorities have identified and arrested the alleged (surviving) terror mastermind of the airport bombing, the “man in the hat” Mohamed Abrini. The other four alleged terrorists involved in the kamikaze bombing attacks at the airport and the metro station are reported dead.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: Prof Michel Chossudovsky

According to reports, Abrini was identified on a Brussels airport still photo released by one or more airport video security surveillance CCTV cameras.

This photo –which identifies three of the terror suspects– has become a central piece of evidence in the police investigation.

In this still photo, the mystery “man in the hat” allegedly Mohamed Abrini is seen accompanying the two alleged suicide bombers, who according to reports blew themselves up in Brussels airport.

Moreover, Abrini happens to be, according to French police investigators, the main surviving suspect of the Paris November attacks.

The official story is that the attacks in both Paris and Brussels were ordered by the ISIS, which just so happens to be supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia in close liaison with Washington and NATO headquarters in Brussels. (The issue of US-NATO-Israel support of the Islamic State is amply documented).

According to media reports:

The revelation that a Paris attacks suspect escorted two of the Brussels bombers to their deaths at the city’s airport is the strongest sign yet that the Islamic State attackers who brought mayhem to both European cities — killing a total of 162 people — were intimately linked. (See Guardian April 9, 2016)

Abrini is said to have confessed “his presence at the crime scene,” according to the official communique

The Authenticity of the Still Photo of the Three alleged Terrorists at Brussels Airport

Our analysis below will largely focus on the authenticity of the still photo allegedly from the Brussels airport CCTV surveillance cameras. CCTV systems are able to to take high resolution images on a time lapse basis. The still picture could also have taken by closed-circuit digital photography (CCDP), which is used to generate still digital images.


To address this issue, it is important to recall the timeline:

7:55 am local time: “Surveillance footage shows three suspected attackers exiting a taxi and pushing luggage trolleys through Brussels Airport. Surveillance captured still images of the three suspects.” (See image ab0ve)

ONLY Three minutes later, it sounds absurd: Explosion According to reports the kamikaze bombers blow themselves up.

7.55-7.57am: Very much in a hurry, Abrini is said to have left the airport between 7.55am and 7.57am. before the blast occurred at 7.58am

7:58 am. Gunfire is reported in the departures terminal followed by an explosion. There were two blasts: a second blast erupts 10 seconds later.

8.20 am: The airport is closed. all roads and railway to the airport are closed.

9.07 am, DH.be (Dernière Heure), one of Belgium’s largest print and online media released an exclusive video footage of the bomb attack recorded by the CCTV surveillance cameras of the airport. This video was aired on all major TV networks, the images went round the World.

The SOURCE OF THIS VIDEO released by Dh.be at 9.07am did not emanate from the CCTV cameras of Brussels airport [22/03/216, DH.be logo pasted on the Moscow 2011 footage], it was a rerun of a 2011 bomb attack at Moscow international airport. (see image below)

Below is the screenshot of DH’s video release.

Now compare this to

Moscow airport attacks (January 2011) Video 1 scan (Moscow airport, January 2011)

9:10 am: A blast is reported on a train at the Maalbeek metro subway station, near the headquarters of the European Commission.

AGAIN: The video broadcast of the Maalbeek metro explosion was not from the CCTV cameras as reported by the police and the media. It was from the Minsk, Belarus metro bomb blast in April 2011.

(see photo scans at the foot of this article)

What we can conclude is that:

1) Dernière Heure broadcast a video of the Moscow airport bomb attack instead of the Brussels blast (recorded by CCTV camera) airport attack. Was it sloppy journalism or something else? This is a matter for the police to investigate. (The broadcast of the video footage of the Minsk metro attack was equally misleading).

2) The official CCTV airport security video was not available to Dernière Heure at 9.07am and the public was misled by the release of the Moscow  video. 

One would therefore assume that if the CCTV video footage of the blast had been available to Dernière Heure, they would have broadcast it instead of the Moscow footage

3) Assuming that the airport CCTV video footage was not available to Dernière Heure at 9.07am, how come they were able to get their hands on still images from the CCTV video surveillance system showing the three alleged terrorists. 

10.25am, less than an hour and a half following the release of the “fake” Moscow CCTV surveillance video of the bomb attack (i.e. Moscow) by Dernière Heure, a still image is released by Dernière Heure of the three alleged suspects walking with trolleys in the airport at 7.55am, three minutes before the first blast in the departure terminal.

The image allegedly from an airport CCTV surveillance camera in the departure terminal was released by DH.be at 10.25am, it was tagged EXCLUSIVE, No other media had early access to this alleged airport CCTV video and the still images.  The latter were presented with some confusion as photographic evidence pertaining to the identity of the terror suspects.  

Most media reports acknowledged that the mysterious photo of the alleged suicide bombers was released by the Brussels police rather than DH.be.

The twitter entries below confirm the exact time at which the airport photos were released:

First Release by DH.be at 10.27am (entitled “Photo Exclusive” by DH.be)

12.58pm, is the time at which the still image is “officially” released by the police in liaison with the office of the prosecutor. (procureur)

Release by Politie Brussel/Police de Bruxelles: 12.58pm

In an unusual twist, it would appear that Dernière Heure had access to the alleged CCTV still images from the surveillance cameras BEFORE the police.

The media reported that the photo was from federal police sources and was provided on the instructions of the federal prosecutor [procureur]:

DH.be  released the still image of the three alleged terrorists at 10.25am, two and a half hours before its official release by Brussels police at 12.58pm, which suggests that the exclusive image published by Dernière Heure DID NOT emanate from the police authorities.

There is always the possibility that a police and/or  airport surveillance personnel made these still images available to Dernière Heure prior to their official release by Brussels police at 12.58pm. It is also possible that the still images were taken by a CCTV camera which was live streaming  and that this video livestream was accessible to the public.

The third possibility is that the Brussels police took cognizance of the photograph which Dernière Heure described as a still image from the CCTV airport surveillance system and decided to release it without verifying its original source.

On April 7, new video footage showing the man in the hat leaving the airport, circa 7.56am-7.57am was made public. The still image of him leaving the airport is stamped 7.54am  

Now let us recap:  

DH.be released both the Moscow 2011 video of the bomb attack at 9.07am (instead of the Brussels airport CCTV footage) as well as the still image allegedly from the same CCTV airport source (in the departure terminal) of the three terrorists at 10.25am. 

Did DH.be have access to the security CCTV cameras?

At 9.07am, they did not have access to the CCTV video footage. They presented Moscow footage (in lieu of Brussels footage) at 9.07am under the byline: “video de surveillance a l’aeroport”. They then claimed that the still image released at 10.25am was from the same source, namely the CCTV camera system at Brussels airport, departure terminal.

Let us play the devil’s advocate: If DH.be had been in possession of the real surveillance video footage at 9.07am, why on earth would they have released the  Moscow airport footage and then one and a half hours later come up with an allegedly authentic image from the CCTV airport cameras.

There is another important caveat. While police and surveillance authorities would be able to view and analyse almost immediately the camera footage of the bomb explosion, the same does not apply to the process of identifying three passengers with trolleys mingling amongst several hundred airline passengers also with trolleys in the departure terminal.

In other words, to identify three individuals from a large number of airport CCTV cameras with hundreds of passengers travelling early morning would not have  been an easy fast-track undertaking: the still images pertaining to hundreds of passengers would have had to be examined, compared to police photographic records, etc: An almost impossible task to achieve in a matter of two hours after the blast, assuming that Dernière Heure had access to the CCTV surveillance video data.  Normally, journalists would not have had access to the CCTV camera footage prior to the police authorities.

Moreover, the airport was immediately evacuated and closed down at 8.20am, twenty-two minutes after the blast. A state of chaos prevailed. And we are led to believe that the journalists of Dernière Heure managed in collaboration with CCTV camera surveillance personnel and/or police to get hold of the still image of three alleged terrorists, which they released at 10.25am, prior to the conduct of a police investigation and less than two and half hours following the 7.58am bomb blast. 

Video 2 scan (Minsk Metro, April 2011)

Here is a screenshot of  the Minsk 2011 video footage broadcast on Belgian network TV and on the internet depicting the explosion in the Metro in Brussels, March 22, 2016

Now Compare the above to the screenshot of  the Minsk April 2011 attacks.

These are the questions for police investigators. 

1. Why did Dernière Heure deliberately broadcast at 9.07am the video footage of the January 2011 Moscow airport terror attack?

Why did the media broadcast the video footage of a Minsk, Belarus  metro terror attack in 2011 in lieu of the surveillance video of the metro?

In other words both the metro and airport videos were “fake”.  

2. Did Dernière Heure interface with Belgian police and  intelligence prior to releasing the Moscow airport video which was broadcast Worldwide?

3. Who authorized the release of this fake video?

4. What are the legal implications of this negligence on the part of Dernière Heure?

5. Where did Dernière Heure get the still image from which they released as an EXCLUSIVE at 10.25amprior to the conduct of a police investigation?

6. Was there evidence of them having access to the CCTV cameras? Did the CCTV airport surveillance personnel provide Dernière Heure with access to CCTV footage? Assuming they did, how on earth did the Derniere Heure journalists manage to single out a still image of three passengers, establish and corroborate their identity in the absence of a police investigation and without immediate access to police records.

7. Did the police corroborate the identity of these three individuals prior to 10.25am and communicate the results of their investigation to Dernière Heure?

Highly unlikely: lest we forget, the police released the still image at 12.58am, two and a half hours later. By that time, the EXCLUSIVE picture by Dernière Heure had been  picked up by the news chain, it had circled the globe prior to its official release by the Brussels police.

Concluding Remarks

People in Belgium who are living the dramatic aftermath of this national catastrophe and loss of life: Draw your own conclusions. Is your government telling the truth?

The Belgian police, by addressing these seven questions, should be in a position to establish the authenticity and the source of the still pictures of the three men at the airport. Will they undertake this task?

‘Man In The Hat’ In Footage of Brussels Airport Attack Arrested

Belgian authorities say they have arrested “the man in the hat” who was captured in CCTV footage along with the two bombers who carried out the recent deadly attacks in Brussels airport. 

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

(According to PressTV) Mohamed Abrini confessed to being the hat and vest-wearing man present in the widely circulated footage captured at Zaventem airport shortly before the attack, read a statement released by the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office on Saturday.“After being confronted with the results of the different expert examinations, he confessed his presence at the crime scene,” read the statement. “He explained having thrown away his vest in a garbage bin and having sold his hat afterwards.”

On March 22, three bombings happened in Brussels’ main airport and a metro station. Thirty-two people were killed and over 300 others were wounded in the attacks claimed by the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group.

Abrini (pictured below), who was arrested on Friday in Brussels, has also been implicated in the November 13 Paris attacks, which killed around 130 people and injured hundreds more.

“It’s one of the most significant advances in the case,” said Brussels intelligence officer, Claude Moniquet. “Today we can say that all the important members of the Paris cell and Brussels cell are dead or in jail. Potentially it’s the end of this part of the story.”

Earlier in the case, authorities announced that Abrini’s fingerprints and DNA were found in two safe houses in Brussels and in a vehicle linked to the Paris attacks.

Along with Abrini, Osama K., Herve B.M. and Bilal E.M. were charged for “terrorist murders” and “participating in terrorist acts,” added the statement.

BREAKING: New CCTV Footage Released Of The ‘Man in White’ Fleeing Brussels Airport (Video)

Belgian investigators release chilling new CCTV footage of the ‘Man in White’ FLEEING the Brussels bombings that killed 32 people.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Dramatic new CCTV footage emerged today showing the ISIS militant dubbed the ‘Man in White’ fleeing the Brussels bombings that killed 32 people.

Belgian prosecutors released a series of videos, pictures and graphics after painstakingly piecing together the movements of the world’s most wanted man.
They show him leaving Brussels Airport on foot moments before twin blasts killed 16 people in the terminal.

He is then seen walking to the nearby town of Zaventem and then into Brussels as a second blast rocked the city’s Metro station, killing another 16 victims.

They also reveal for the first time that he discarded his infamous white jacket, from which he earned his nickname, and show him talking on a mobile phone moments before he disappeared for good.

Underneath, the fugitive’s shirt appears bright blue with dark patches on the elbows. He was also wearing dark trousers and brown shoes with large white soles.

Belgian authorities are hoping they or someone finds the discarded light-coloured jacket, saying it could yield precious clues.

At a press conference in Brussels today, Federal Prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said authorities were especially appealing to people who might have filmed or photographed the suspect.

He was seen with two suicide bombers who died in the March 22 attacks at the airport.

A subsequent explosion at Brussels’ Maelbeek subway station killed another 16 people the same day.

The first set of CCTV footage shows how he walked calmly out at 7.58am local time, past the Sheraton hotel, across the AVIS rental car park and out of the airport estate as the suicide bombers set off their explosive vests.

His suitcase bomb packed with nails failed to go off. In the chaos he walked through Zaventem city, the suburb around the airport, and dumped his signature bright white jacket.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen it.

At 8.50am, 24 minutes before another suicide bomber killed 16 more people at Maelbeek station, he was filmed on crossroads between Grote Daalstraat and Chaussée de Louvain.

At that moment, he was wearing a bright shirt with rolled-up sleeves. He also appeared to be on the phone.

Police say he then walked up the Chaussée de Louvain up to Meiser crossroads where he was recorded on CCTV footage at 9.42am.

He walked further on the Chaussée de Louvain where he was again filmed at 9.49am, on Avenue de la Brabançonne where he disappeared at the crossroads with the Rue du Noyer at 9.50am.

He has not been seen since then. The jacket he left behind is described as bright white with a hood which is dark inside. 

Federal prosecutor Thierry Werts also said there had been many people around the hotel when the suspect walked by who may now be overseas, and asked for their assistance as well.

Prosecutors asked ‘people who might have filmed or taken a photograph of the suspect or think they can provide extra information’ to call a special telephone number or to email authorities.

If you saw the offender while he was on the run or if you know which way he went afterwards, please contact the investigators on 0032 2 554 44 88.

The 15 Countries That Produce The Most Isis Fighters

Belgium provided the most Isis fighters per capita of all EU countries last year.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: indy100

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, police traced the roots of the terrorist suspects to Brussels, arresting seven suspects in the Molenbeek district.

Investigators believe that the Paris plot was hatched in this neighbourhood by Belgian-born Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

On 19 March, Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam was arrested, also in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, after a suspiciously large pizza order led authorities to his whereabouts.

Reports emerged on Saturday that Abdeslam planned to blow himself up during the Paris attacks but changed his mind.

Dr Natasha Underhill, an expert on terrorism in the Middle East at Nottingham Trent University, told the Independent that there was little doubt that the latest attacks were linked to Isis or Isis-affiliates.

It should, in some ways, have come as no surprise that there would have been some reaction from the group in response to the capture of Salah Abdeslam.

This was no doubt a warning strike to European leaders and there may be more to come. The group has time and time again issued statements that it will have no mercy in targeting those who are supporting the US and who are fighting against the group.

The likelihood of further attacks in Europe is now in very little doubt.

The promotion of fear is one of the strongest assets that Islamic State possesses and it is sadly doing an excellent job in spreading this message across Europe.

As the below chart from Statista shows, Belgium had the highest number of foreign Isis fighters per capita of EU countries in 2015, around 500 in total.

Belgium Isis Fighters

Jordan and Tunisia contribute significantly more than any other countries in terms of fighters per capita, 315 and 280 each per million people.

Trump Warned About Brussels Attack !!

Presidential frontrunner was criticized for his remarks about the city

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Republican front runner Donald Trump identified Brussels as a jihadist hotbed back in January, but he was criticized for ‘insulting’ the Belgian capital by numerous media outlets and pundits.

Asked by Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about his plan to put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, Trump cited Brussels as an example of how the failure of immigrants to assimilate was ruining Europe. http://www.infowars.com/trump-warned-…

BOMBSHELL: Western Intelligence Had ‘Precise Warning’ of Brussels Attack — Did Nothing to Stop It

On Monday, ISIS members Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui loaded up suitcases filled with explosives and detonated them inside Belgium’s Zaventem Aiport, killing dozens of people.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: The Free Thought Project

An hour and twenty minutes after the airport blasts, another explosion was reported on a train that was stopped at the Maelbeek subway station, near the headquarters of the EU.

Immediately after the attacks, on Tuesday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said, “What we feared has happened.”

The reason Michel and the rest of the Belgium top brass ‘feared’ this attack, according to Isreal’s oldest newspaper, is that they knew precisely where it would take place — yet they took no precautions to stop it.

As soldiers walk the streets and families mourn their lost loved ones in Brussels, the question being asked now is — Could this attack have been stopped? According to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, the answer to that question is likely, yes.

In their report, Haaretz claims that they were given information showing the Belgian security services, as well as other Western intelligence agencies, had advance and precise intelligence warnings regarding the terrorist attacks in Belgium on Tuesday.

The security services knew, with a high degree of certainty, that attacks were planned in the very near future for the airport and, apparently, for the subway as well.

Despite the advance warning, the intelligence and security preparedness in Brussels, where most of the European Union agencies are located, was limited in its scope and insufficient for the severity and immediacy of the alert.

The attacks were apparently triggered by the capture of terrorist Salah Abdeslam, who was involved in both the preparation for the Paris attack and its implementation. Fearing that he would reveal information about ISIS plans to his captors, the terrorist group activated its cells and implemented the plan to bomb the airport and the train station.

The testimony of the detained terrorist, alongside other intelligence information, part of which concerned ISIS operations in Syria, should have resulted in much more stringent security preparedness in crowded public places in Brussels, along with a heightened search for the cell, reports Haaretz.

Apparently the intelligence agencies have knowledge of other future attacks as well that could occur in Belgium and other Western countries who’ve waged a war against ISIS in Syria. A massive manhunt is now underway as authorities try to locate the terrorist Najim Laachraoui, who built the explosive vests worn by the attackers and escaped from the airport at the last minute.

The idea that Belgian authorities took no action in spite of precise knowledge of these attacks is chilling. The other ‘Western intelligence agencies’ who knew about the bombings are also culpable for their inaction as well.

On Thursday, Belgium’s interior and justice ministers have admitted that they failed to heed the warnings and offered their resignations. However, Michel refused to accept their resignations, saying, “In a time of war you cannot offer to leave the field.”

The town of Brussels is now a total police state as soldiers walk the streets, conducting door to door searches while the citizens are kept under close watch, and dozens are dead all because the government failed to act on information about a known attack.

By allowing these attacks to happen, the governments of the West have justified decades of war, their bloated military budgets, and endless expansion of the police state. This is terrible news for the citizens of these countries, but music to the ears of the military industrial complex.