Top 10 STRANGEST Holes on Earth

Top 10 holes including the biggest, deepest, scariest, most mysterious, and strangest.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Number 10.

The Darvaze Gas Crater.

Image result for The Darvaza Gas Crater.

In Turkmenistan is the burning, stinking, sulphurous crater known as the Gate to Hell. In 1971 Soviet engineers were drilling the area known to hold one of the largest deposits of natural gas.

Number 9.

The Well Of Chand Baori.

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Legend has it that this 13 story water well was carved out of the rock by spirits in a single night, and dedicated to the Hindu goddess of happiness. There are 3500 perfectly symmetrical steps leading to the bottom, which is about 10 degrees cooler than at the surface.

Number 8.

The KTB Superdeep Borehole.

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Starting in 1982, the German Ministry of Research began a scientific exploration drilling program, deep into the earth’s crust, that would last more than 12 years and cost more than a third of a billion dollars, their most expensive geo-science project ever.

Number 7.

The Guatamala City Sinkhole.

Image result for The Guatemala City Sinkhole.

In 2010, a massive hole suddenly opened up in the middle of the city and swallowed a three story factory house, along with fifteen people inside. The cause was attributed to Tropical Storm Agatha, which impacted Guatamala just three days after the eruption of Volcano Pacaya.

Number 6.

Siberian Craters.

Image result for Siberian Craters.

Yet another new geological phenomenon was discovered in 2014 when a reindeer herder discovered a two hundred foot crater in a remote area known as The End Of The World.

Number 5.

Indiana Dunes National Park.

Image result for Indiana Dunes National Park. hole

An amazing new geological phenomenon was only discovered in the last few years, when shifting sands have suddenly opened up massive sinkholes beneath travelers’ feet.

Number 4.

Monticello Dam Hole

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This Majestic spillhole, also known as the “glory hole” is part of the Monticello Dam in Napa County, California. This hole is the largest spillhole in the world and leads down a 304 foot or 93 m tall hole which drains out out of the bottom of the dam.

Number 3.

Devil’s Sinkhole.

Image result for Devil's Sinkhole.

This Texan National Natural Landmark is an enormous vertical cavern 50 feet wide and 350 feet deep. Historically it’s been used as a place of shelter by early American settlers and countless generations of Native Americans.

Number 2.


Image result for Derinkuyu.

In central Turkey, a man was renovating his traditional home when he discovered a hidden room with a covered hole in the wall. Investigation revealed that the opening led into a massive man-made cave system that had been carved out of the rock over three thousand years ago, to form an underground city.

Number 1.

The Oak Island Money Pit.

Image result for The Oak Island Money Pit.

In 1795 witnesses thought they saw pirates burying treasure on a small coastal island in Nova Scotia. So they started digging, and digging… and digging… to over 130 feet deep, with tantalizing clues revealed every ten feet or so, some promising a treasure worth hundreds of millions or perhaps much much more.

10 holes including the biggest, deepest, scariest, most mysterious, and strangest.

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7 SECRET Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit Ever

From a place where the governments monitor all communication to somewhere where we keep the seeds of the world in case of a global disaster…

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today


Image result for Mezhgorye  Dead Hand.

There are probably a lot of places in Russia closed off to the general public, but within the southernmost part of the Ural Mountains there is a whole town cut off from the rest of the world. Mezhgorye is home to around 17,000 people, and many believe it was built in the 1970s to house workers on the secretive nuclear control system known as the Dead Hand.


Image result for nake Island is definitely one of those places.

Remember we said some locations are off limits for your own safety? Well Snake Island is definitely one of those places. As its name suggests the island, known locally as Ilha da Queimada Grande, is home to snakes, a lot of snakes, and not friendly ones either, as it contains over 4000 of some of the world’s deadliest species, with some possessing venom which can melt the flesh off your bones.


Image result for Svalbard Seed Vault.

If the secret facility in Mezhgorye fires a nuclear weapon which decimates all life on Earth the first thing humanity will need to do is repopulate. But after the post-apocalyptic love-fest we’ll all want a snack, and it’s at this point the last humans on Earth will make their way to the Svalbard Seed Vault.


Image result for Bay of Bengal east of India is North Sentinel Island,

In the Bay of Bengal east of India is North Sentinel Island, and unless you want to be arrested by the Indian Government, speared through the face and responsible for wiping out an entire tribe of people you’d better not plan a trip there anytime soon.


Image result for Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

In the small town of Axum in north Ethiopia is the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, and within this church is believed to be one of the world’s most sought after biblical artefacts – the Ark of the Covenant.


Image result for Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center located in Virginia

This is the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center located in Virginia, and it is used as the base for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Ordinary folk like you or I will never be allowed into this facility, because its purpose is to act as headquarters for the US top brass when a giant deuce hits a great big fan.


Image result for RAF Menwith Hill

RAF Menwith Hill is home to one of the largest and most powerful electronic monitoring stations in the world. If you’ve ever sent a text message with the words bomb, terrorist or Isis in it you can guarantee these guys have seen it.

7 SECRET Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit Ever…In the World…

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The Earth Is Flat And You’ve Been Lied To, NASA/Illuminati Deception Exposed

Earlier today, rapper B.o.B. declared to his millions of Twitter followers that, despite everything they’ve been led to believe their entire lives, the earth is flat. And the weirdest part isn’t just that he believes the earth is flat, but that he’s not even remotely alone.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

The Earth Is Flat, Explained

There’s an entire Flat Earth Society that is 200 members strong and, purportedly, not a joke. In an interview with Live Science, the group’s vice president explained:

“The question of belief and sincerity is one that comes up a lot. If I had to guess, I would probably say that at least some of our members see the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory as a kind of epistemological exercise, whether as a critique of the scientific method or as a kind of ‘solipsism for beginners.’ There are also probably some who thought the certificate would be kind of funny to have on their wall. That being said, I know many members personally, and I am fully convinced of their belief.”

“My own convictions are a result of philosophical introspection and a considerable body of data that I have personally observed, and which I am still compiling.”

There are many (many) YouTube videos ready to open your eyes to the Truth, each of them special in their own way. This one I particularly like for its use of clip art and incorrect arithmetic:

Basically, the earth is a flat disc protected by an invisible barrier called “the firmament,” a dome-like feature that also happens to be referenced in the Old Testament so you know it’s real. Copernicus, of course, fucked everything up by introducing his theory of heliocentrism. Flat Earthers acknowledge that while Copernicus’s math was right, he lacked the technology necessary to definitively prove his theory. Still, the idea took hold, governments started preaching it, and a centuries-long lie was born.

Then as soon as Russia and U.S. managed to get rockets in the sky, they realized their error and quickly set about protecting the shameful secret at all costs. The Antarctic Treaty went into place in 1961, making it in “off-limits” to any wandering eyes.

It’s worth noting here that there’s also something called the “ice wall,” which is the towering expanse of maybe absolute zero, pitch black ice barriers at the edge of Antartica that may or may not go on forever and that no human could ever possibly explore.

Perhaps this will help explain:

Or not! Either way, that’s a story for another day.

So, to keep their incredible secret, NASA began faking all sorts of photo and video “evidence”: space launches, moon landings, Shuttle journeys—you name it. Its physicists and astronauts were sworn to secrecy,

Boylan asserts that a large part of the reason the lie has gone on for so long is sheer hubris. In an interview titled “NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth!”, Boylan explains that “if I tell you [the shape of the Earth] is a certain thing, without having an instrument to prove it for over 1,000 years… if you’re wrong, are you going to tell everybody?”

What’s more, the extra land that comes along with a flat earth means more natural resources. And if word got out about the secret store of oil hiding at the edge of the Earth, any remaining notion of scarcity would be shattered.

Still, some questions remain. What about seasons, you might ask. To which a Flat Earther might say, Well what about this.

Or put another way:

Gravity is something that might also have thrown a wrench in the Flat Earther’s personal Truth—if it weren’t for something called universal acceleration, that is. You see, the world is constantly accelerating upwards, forcing everything else “down.” From the Flat Earth Wiki:

According to Flat Earth Theory, gravity does not exist. Instead, there is a force that produces identical effects as observed from the surface of the earth. This force is known as “Universal Acceleration” (abbreviated as UA).

Objects on the earth’s surface have weight because all sufficiently massive celestial bodies are accelerating upward at the rate of 9.8 m/s^2. The mass of the earth is thought to shield the objects atop it from the direct force of UA. Alternatively, it is possible that the force of UA can actually pass through objects, but its effect on smaller bodies is negligible (similar to gravity in RET cosmology, which only has a noticeable affect on very large objects).

None of the answers, of course, ever actually answer your question entirely, and more often than not they just open up a whole host of other questions. But such is the cost of finally waking from your conformist slumber.

Welcome to the world of Truth, friends and also B.o.B. And remember, just because the Earth is flat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still watch out for the chemtrails.


SUN GOING DARK!!! NASA Finds HUGE CORONAL HOLE Open Up On Our Sun. Is the Sun Disintegrating?
Images of the sun usually show a burning ball of fire, shining bright in the sky. However, NASA has just released a stunning picture which captured the exact opposite – a giant dark area on the sun’s upper half.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

The image, snapped by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) from May 17-19, shows what is known as a “coronal hole” on the sun, described by the space agency as a “low-density region of the sun’s atmosphere, known as the cornea.”

Corneal holes are visible in certain types of extreme ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the human eye. NASA has colorized the picture in purple, for easy viewing.

Because they contain little solar material, they have lower temperatures and thus appear much darker than their surroundings.

“Coronal holes are visible in certain types of extreme ultraviolet light, which is typically invisible to our eyes, but is colorised here in purple for easy viewing.”

NASA says the huge hole is actually not of great concern, but it remains unclear why the coronal holes actually form.

But it does mean that large amounts of solar winds, that cause the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights to form, have been blasted to Earth. The image, snapped by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) from May 17-19, shows what is known as a “coronal hole” on the sun, described by the space agency as a “low-density region of the sun’s atmosphere, known as the cornea.” While it’s unclear what causes coronal holes, they correlate to areas on the sun where magnetic fields soar up and away, without looping back down to the surface, as they do elsewhere. These would weak havoc with our communications and blast us with cancer-causing UV rays, if it were not for the Earth’s magnetosphere which shields us from them.

The spokesman added: “These coronal holes are important to understanding the space environment around Earth through which our technology and astronauts travel.

“Coronal holes are the source of a high-speed wind of solar particles that streams off the sun some three times faster than the slower wind elsewhere.

You Can Rent a House Here For Only €0.88 a Year…

The residents of Fuggerei pay only 88 cents per year, along with three required daily prayers.

By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today

It’s been seven years since Fuggerei was in the news. That was when the Wall Street Journal paid a visit to the historic German village. But the strange town is still just as interesting today.

It’s here where 142 residents live in a gated community within the city of Augsburg, where praying three times a day is a requirement and the gates are locked promptly at 10 pm. The cost to live in one of the 67 homes or 147 apartments in the little village? 88 euro cents a year, or about a single U.S. dollar.

That’s right, one dollar. For an entire year of rent.

When the Fuggerei was established by a wealthy banker, Jakob Fugger the Rich, in 1520, he intended for it to become a housing complex open to the needy and poor living nearby in Augsburg, Germany. That tradition continues today, with the only other requirements for living in the complex being a demonstrated faith in the Catholic Church, and a proven residency in Augsburg for at least two years.

Jakob the Rich set up a charitable trust in order to bankroll the Fuggerei, a trust that still finances the village. Although, the Wall Street Journal notes it only sees returns of about 0.5% to 2% each year. Tourists also bring in some money for the village, as visitors are welcome to tour the neighborhood for themselves with the purchase of a €4 euro ticket, as long as they demonstrate respect for the town and its residents.

And although visitors are not allowed to enter any of the 50- to 700-square-foot residences currently occupied, the Fuggerei maintains a model unit so visitors can get a feel for the homes that have provided solace for 495 years.

Take a closer look at the village in the photos below.

MAJOR DISCOVERY: Pyramids Found In Antarctica

Scientist claim to possibly have found Pyramid like structures in Antarctica

By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today

Three ancient pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were discovered about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was very close to the coastline. An expedition to the bizarre structures should answer the intriguing question whether they are artificial or natural. The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year.

A few pictures were posted on some web-sites with a commentary that the strange structures could serve evidence that the ice-covered continent used to be warm enough to have had an ancient civilization living there.

At the current moment little is still known about the pyramids and the team continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural. No details about the time frame of the expedition were offered.

In case the researchers prove the pyramids are man-made structures, the discovery may bring about the biggest revision of human history ever made.

Meanwhile, a number of strange but interesting discoveries have been made lately in the Antarctic. In 2009 climate scientists found particles of pollen there, which could possibly testify that palm trees once grew in Antarctica and summer temperatures reached 21C. Three years later, in 2012, scientists from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute identified 32 species of bacteria in samples of waters of Lake Vida in East Antarctica.

Pyramids have been discovered in the Antarctic, according to a news article on A team of 8 explorers from America and Europe claim to have found evidence of three man made pyramids ‘peaking’ through the melting ice, states the author:

“Can it be possible that Antarctica was once warm enough in the recent past to actually have had an ancient civilization living there? And even more perplexing is the question of if an advanced culture did develop there, are there any structures still remaining that are buried underneath the ice?

Amazingly a team of researchers is making the claim that they have found evidence of several ancient pyramids on the ice covered continent of Antarctica.
So far, the team has not released much information on their discovery although a few pictures have been leaked on the internet recently.

I will let you be the judge on if these pictures truly display artificial pyramids or just the rocky tops of mountains but the images are intriguing and definitely warrant further research in my opinion. Three of the images are shown below.

The shocking discovery of ancient man-made pyramids under the thick ice and snow of Antarctica would change our perception of human history forever.

Scholars and Egyptologists have long suspected that the Sphynx is far older than first estimated, possibly over 10,000 years old.Scientists discovered that evidence of water erosion on the ancient statue, still the world’s largest, tells a story of climate change from rainy hot jungle to desert in afew thousand short years.

If the climate in Egypt changed this quickly, is it not equally possible that the Antarctic climate could have also changed drastically in the same time?Legends speak of pyramids in the Antarctica, of the lost city of Atlantis being covered not just under water, but encased in ice.