China Releases Moon Footage of Alien Bases

Dr. Micheal Salla has indicated that there is a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex or MIEC, and that Earth is being assimilated by an alien agenda which also operates on Earth’s Moon.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: Ufo the truth is out there

The photo below is similar to many that I myself have seen. It appears that the Chinese who took the photo, have confirmed that aliens exist. The Chinese have probably been in contact with these aliens already.

That would explain why so many radio telescopes are searching for signals from aliens, and more being built as we speak, yet no reported signals from aliens were reported to the public.

The report stipulates:

“I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface. He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artefacts and facility’s.

“Pictures yet to be released clearly show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming weeks and months, lets hope this is the beginning of a new era.”

Have you ever wondered why we haven’t returned to the moon again? The truth is that NASA is hiding a very dark secret from us.

Is there an “Alien Base” on the Moon? More and more people are coming forward with stories that might prove this is true. Rumors say that there is an Alien Moon Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth.

Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped and why we have not tried to build a Moon Base? It does seem like a better and easier idea than a floating space station with no access to any raw materials or supplies?

According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon!

Sound far fetched? Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as “Luna,” that there is a huge mining operation going on there, and that is where the aliens keep their huge mother ships while the trips to Earth are made in smaller “flying saucers”.

LUNA: The Alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as mother ships exist there. – Milton Cooper

Moon Hologram – The Moon Is Not What You Think It Is

Do You Believe the Moon is Real? Because Analysis Shows it Might be a Hologram.

Recent studies of the moon have revealed a strange anomaly in the form of a lunar wave that has led some UFO enthusiasts and analysts into believing that the Moon is in fact a forgery.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

A new theory has emerged after more people analyzing the Moon using high-definition telescopic cameras, saw that the image they were receiving through the scope was perturbed by what they call a “lunar wave”.

Mr. Crow did a great job capturing this moment, along with other eleven people. He claims that the “lunar wave” is an anomaly usually encountered while projecting an image, thus speculating about the possibility of the Moon being an actual hologram.

At first, the malfunction of the camera was considered, but after analyzing the bizarre phenomenon for a couple of weeks, he concluded that the line interfering with the Moon’s surface is not due to the “pixelation or shredding of the signal”, but it’s an actual “organic line.”

If the projection comes from space or from planet Earth, we are yet to find out, but current analysis only point towards the obvious anomaly known as “the lunar wave” and a few more evidence revealed by some Russian scientists.

Known as a reliable source when it comes to UFO disclosure, revealing never before seen footage of chem planes and strange UFOs, Mr. Crow tries to debunk the lunar mystery this time. He stated that:

I have been at this for a long time, I have been relentless in my search and in filming and observing the moon and everything that happens and it is true, from the people I have talked to, and there are other people talking about the moon being a hologram, and quite a few people are aware of this.”

After the groundbreaking footage was released, Mr. Crow tells how he has been contacted by three individuals occupying positions which offers them more knowledge about things than the rest of the population. He was told that he is on the right track, but at the same time he received critics and defaming interpretations of his work. Could his theory regarding the Moon being a hologram actually prove to be real?

moon (1)

Well, as a matter of fact Mr. Crow is a rational and well educated person, and if we check his theory better, it sounds quite convincing:

My guess is that when the Moon is in its quarter phases, or slivers, or other things, you are actually looking at the Moon. I think that when it starts to get full or well-lit on the face, they cover it with a hologram so we can’t see what they are doing under there… It’s not what you think it is, I can tell you that it’s not just a rock in space… there’s a lot going on up there.”

The space analyst said that after he had recorded the lunar wave, he was confronted with a research paper written by Russian scientists who point in the same direction. Could this prove to be true? Is the Moon in fact a colossal artificial space station with the rest of the solar system being a forgery as well?

With other people backing up his claims, along with a remarkable background in UFO disclosure, we can only hope that Mr. Crow will eventually find conclusive evidence to support his theory, but for the time being, lets enjoy the mighty Moon as it is – as Earth’s natural satellite, and who knows?

David Icke, The Moon Is Not What You Think It Is

Why Science CAN’T EXPLAIN These 7 Strange & Creepy Mysteries ?

Why Science CAN’T EXPLAIN These 7 Strange & Creepy Mysteries ?

By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today

Strange & Creepy Mysteries Science Can’t Explain


Through the detection of rapid eye movement we can tell precisely when someone is dreaming, and using brain imaging technology we may even be able to view your dreams one day.


We also need to consider our definition of extra-terrestrial life, because even though NASA predicts we may find something in next two decades, it’s likely to be in the form of miniscule organisms that aren’t really capable of holding conversation.


If you’re watching this video you’re probably conscious. If someone hits you with a baseball bat you’ll be rendered temporarily unconscious. And if they hit you a few more times before burying you in a shallow grave in the woods you’ll be permanently gone from this world.


It is often said that we know more about space than we do the ocean, and whilst this is hardly something you can accurately measure it is true that we have a huge knowledge gap when it comes to the Earth’s soggy bottom.


Ever since Pluto was given a dishonourable discharge for being too small and puny you may think the answer to this is simple, eight. Or seven if you believe the conspiracy that Venus is a secret fiery death star waiting to annihilate us all.


Unless you’re a certifiable moron you know that to make a bicycle go forward you get on it and pedal real hard, but in terms of the actual physics involved in making a bicycle stay upright, scientific opinion seems to disagree with itself with every passing week.


Do you know your own blood type? If not there’s a very easy way you can find out. Simply extract two litres of blood, walk to your nearest Starbucks, drink the blood in front of the barista, and when you wake up in the hospital just ask the nurse.

(-18) Reptilian Aliens: Secret Tape From Skull and Bones

Reptilians have been mentioned by many contactees and abductees for centuries, but who are the Reptilians and where do the Reptilians come from? Some would argue that Reptilians were Earth evolved beings who expanded out into the cosmos and others argue that they come from the Draco constellation.

By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today


From numerous contactee accounts, we have gathered enough information to deliver the truth behind the origins of the Reptilian Aliens, who they are, and what their intentions are.

There is much truth to the speculation of Earth evolved Reptilians, but it is not how most people know it to be. Reptilians evolved in two separate planets, one was Earth and the other was a planet near the brightest star in the Draco constellation (Draconis). From these two distant planets, two distinctly different races of Reptilians would evolve and would help shape our planet and civilization as we know it today. As the two Reptilian races evolved, it was known that the Earthly Reptoids were a peaceful and “good” race, and the Draconian Reptilians evolved with a “warrior” and “evil” spirit.

Reptilians from the Draco system are manipulative and deceiving by nature. These Reptilians are so advance that, like Arcturians, they have surpassed the physical limitations of their material bodies. Reptilian Aliens from the Draco Constellation ingest their nutrients through energy, but their needed food source is “bad” or “evil” energy. This inherent fact makes self preservation and evil agenda for the Reptilian Aliens from the Draco Constellation. Reptilian Aliens from the Draco Constellation are also rumored to have created the race of aliens that we know of as Greys. This creation of a species was necessary for their survival as a race.

As the Draconian civilization continued to grow and expand, they needed new sources of nutrition. Seeking other planets to infest with their evil agenda, they soon came to realize that a creation of cloned “evil” race would benefit them. Grey Aliens were created as a slave race to the Reptilians; however, as the Reptilians grew in numbers, so did the Greys. Soon a revolution would take place that would give birth to the Grey Aliens and their Agenda to find a cure for their cloned race that is slowly dying.

Draconian Reptilians soon began to look for a new source of energy consumption and came across our planet (Earth). Here they observed a highly advanced race of Reptilian-like aliens known as Reptoids. Seeking to utilize the humans population on Earth, Draconian Reptilians sought out to destroy the Earth evolved Reptilians and began their Reptilian Agenda to manipulate a race of evil minded humans for their energy consumption. After successfully forcing many Earth evolved reptilians to leave Earth, Draconian Reptilians began to work their way into, and influence, civilizations of the past. Rumored reports state that some Earth evolved Reptilians still exist beneath the streets and farms of our planet, secretly counter acting the Draconian Reptilian Alien agenda.

Today, power struggles among the Alien forces have thwarted an outright invasion of our planet. Reptilian Aliens from the Draco Constellation still have a fixed eye on our planet and do have emissaries here on Earth performing the vital tasks to ensure that humans remain on the track of corruption, hatred, and ego-centric goals!

David Vaughan Icke (pronounced /aɪk/; born April 29, 1952) is an English writer and public speaker who has devoted himself since 1990 to researching what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world.” His books have been translated into eight languages, he runs a website that receives 600,000 hits a week, and his lecture tours, during which he speaks for up to eight hours at a time, attracted audiences of 30,000 between 2000 and 2006.

His book The Biggest Secret has been called the Rosetta Stone for conspiracy theorists. One of his main focuses is the influence that extra-terrestrial beings have on our world order, one of these alien races being the Reptilian Aliens or also known as Reptilians, Reptoids, or Lizard people.

In The Biggest Secret (1999), Icke introduced the “Reptoid Hypothesis.” He identifies the Brotherhood as originating from reptilians from the constellation Draco, who walk on two legs and appear human, and who live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth. They are the same race of gods known as the Anunnaki in the Babylonian creation myth, Enûma Eliš. Lewis and Kahn write that Icke has taken his “ancient astronaut” narrative from the Israeli-American writer, Zecharia Sitchin. Icke’s idea of “inner-earth reptilians” is not a new theory and/or idea, though it is apparent that Icke has done more than most to expand on this theory of humanoid reptilian aliens amongst our population today.

Today, Icke holds many seminars, writes books and has a website that continues to thrive as more and more people learn about the Reptilian Aliens.

Although many of the subjects related to aliens or intelligent life else where is usually left to the sci-fi fanatics, David Icke continues to push towards what he believes to be the truth that has been hidden from the public for ages.

The David Icke Theory – Reptilian Aliens


The First Forms of Life on Mars – These 5 Micro-Organisms Are Ready to Leave Earth

Mars is a reddish hell and an inconvenient one to visit. The planet is a dry, barren wasteland where surface temperatures average -67 degrees Fahrenheit and can dip as low as -243 degrees. Yes, there’s water on the surface, but only in very specific, remote places.

By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today – Source: Inverse

Gone are the vast lakes and oceans of the ancient Martian past. And with a thin atmosphere and a decimated magnetic field, theplanet is buffeted by intense amounts of solar radiation.

It ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.

Nevertheless, if everything goes according to plan, your children might actually be raising your grandkids on Mars. In order for that to happen, we’ll need to colonize and terraform, sure, but we’ll also need to bring along a fair amount of non-human life. The organisms that we allow to go free-range on the Red Planet will be the point of the biological spear. They have the potential to make the planet more hospitable — to do the sort of colonizations we cannot.

Here are the micro-astronauts we’re going to send the 140 million miles to establish a biological basecamp.


Plants use photosynthesis to make their own energy. So do cyanobacteria. They are the organisms that are thought to have played a pivotal role in transforming Earth’s atmosphere from one inhospitable life into an oxygen-free environment for aerobes to thrive. In short, they have a history of making things work in pretty harsh environments.

A study published last year by researchers in Germany found that cyanobacteria were able to survive and reproduce in conditions relatively similar to Mars — UV radiation, low pressure, temperatures skewing pretty cold, etc. They didn’t just manage to huddle together and live — they stayed active, and kept up with their regular metabolic functions.


When you stick cyanobacteria (or algae) together with funguses, they form lichens — which were also shown by the aforementioned study to survive Martian conditions. So it comes as little surprise that funguses alone might stand a chance to thrive on Mars.

We’re specifically talking about polar funguses that can withstand extremely cold and dry climates. A new study demonstrated the ability of one particular Antarctic fungal species to survive under Mars-like conditions (in the International Space Station to also emulate microgravity settings) while retaining more than 60 percent of its cells after 18 months. There’s no reason to think such a species could evolve fast enough to fully adapt to the Martian weather and pressure in order to bump that rate close to 100 percent.


Methanogens are a type of bacteria that can use hydrogen and carbon dioxide as metabolic constituents for energy, and produce methane as a byproduct. Since they don’t require oxygen or organic nutrients for survival — and don’t conduct photosynthesis — they’re an ideal organism for subsurface environments, especially on Mars.

Last year, some researchers decided to see if methanogens really could live on Mars. They exposed four different species to low pressure conditions similar to what would be expected just below the surface of the planet.

The results? All four methanogen species were able to survive. Two were previously known to be able to survive the Martian freeze-thaw cycles.

The bigger implication here, as well, is that methanogens could perhaps play a strong role in helping to revive Mars’ atmosphere into something that could allow surface water to come back to the planet. This would require finding a way to bring back the planet’s magnetic field, but let’s let other scientists worry about figuring that one out.


On Earth, an oligotroph is a catchall term for any organism that can survive on very low levels of nutrients — as in, the bare minimum. They grow slow, use energy at very low rates, and have extremely low populations.

And for those reasons, they may be just what is able to survive what Mars throws at life. One such oligotrophy is the olm — a cave-dwelling aquatic salamander that eats, breathes, and sleeps entirely underwater. If subsurface water exists on Mars, the snake-like olms would be a top candidate to make a home in those very dark and empty habitats.

Deinococcus radiodurans

This is the most radiation-resistant life form found on Earth. D. radiodurans, nicknamed “Conan the Bacterium” for its incredible toughness, can withstand doses of radiation thousands of times higher than what would easily vanquish a human being. The bacterium can also withstand extreme colds, and have a habit of finding homes in the subsurface of our planet.

It’s not unthinkable that D. radiodurans could quite easily hitch a ride as a stowaway on a spacecraft, survive the journey, and end up managing pretty well on the red planet. Unlike the other organisms on this list, the bacterium wouldn’t even need to find a specific habitat in order to live — it could perhaps make due whenever it ended up.

ALIENS ARE REAL – Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist Tells All, Before He Dies

Area 51 scientist, Boyd Bushman, left a shocking death bed confession about the existence of UFOs and aliens at the New Mexico compound before passing away in early August.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Video: YouTube

In the video confession, Bushman shows pictures he had taken of UFOs and aliens during his time at Area 51 and shed some light on Roswell and communication between extraterrestrial creatures.

We look at video of Bushman’s confession, in this Lip News clip with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.

Aliens, some as old as 200 years, are real and have visited Earth, a former Lockheed Martin senior scientist has claimed. In his final moments, he provided “photo evidence” while sharing his personal experiences of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

The controversial 33-minute video was made shortly before Boyd Bushman died on August 7, 2014. However, the footage has only recently emerged and is starting to garner widespread attention.

“I do have a top secret clearance,” he affirms at the beginning of the video. He goes on to state that incidents such as Roswell in 1947 – when a military Air Force surveillance balloon crashed – happened at the hands of aliens.

Bushman shared details about aliens, UFOs, and anti-gravity technology – which he says is being developed by US, Russian, and Chinese scientists at Area 51 (the US military facility).

In the video, Bushman is seen holding up second-hand “photo evidence” of aliens while describing them to viewers.

“They were approximately four and a half to five feet tall,” the former top aerospace scientist said. “They have three back bones.

They’re actually cartilage,” he added, stating that they had fewer ribs than human beings. These aliens have fingers and toes like human beings.

He went on to state that their eyes and noses are different from humans, and that they are telepathic mind readers.