Alien ‘Wow!’ Signal Could Soon be Explained After Almost 40 Years

The story behind the famous “Wow!” signal has an eerie quality that has inspired countless science fiction alien encounters and is often lauded as one of the strongest pieces of evidence that we are, in fact, not alone in the universe.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: The Guardian

However, its “alien intelligence” authenticity has been questioned since that fabled night on Aug. 15, 1977 at 10:16 p.m. ET when astronomer Jerry Ehman used the Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope to sweep the skies for signals that may have originated from an extraterrestrial civilization.

On that night, Ehman found something. And since that night, astronomers have been trying to figure out what it means.

While pointed in the direction of 3 star systems named Chi Sagittarii, in the constellation of Sagittarius, Big Ear detected a 72 second radio wave burst, a signal far stronger than background noise. On the observatory’s computer printout, Ehman circled the burst with the infamous annotation “Wow!”

This excitement wasn’t an overstatement, it was this kind of signal he was looking for, the kind of signal astronomers thought a technologically-capable alien civilization would produce.

The Big Ear printout contains a bunch of apparently random numbers and letters, but Ehman’s red pen circles a cluster of digits “6EQUJ5” with other circles around a “6” and “7” on separate columns. This particular code first uses the numbers 1-9 and then the alphabet A-Z to denote signal strength. As the burst suggests, the signal strength hit “6” and then blasted through the letters reaching a peak of “U” before subsiding back into the numerical scale at “5.” There was then a slight wave trailing the main signal (hence the circled “6″ and “7”). The wave profile of the “Wow!” signal is graphically envisaged here.

However, since that day in 1977, a detection of a signal of that strength has not been replicated. Even after the SETI Institute was founded in 1984, and countless efforts have been made to find another radio burst like the “Wow!” signal, astronomers have been faced with silence in the cosmos; a problem that has only served to intensify the Fermi Paradox unease.

Now, Antonio Paris of St Petersburg College, Fla., an ex-analyst of the US Department of Defense, hopes to solve the mystery and he suspects that an entirely different cosmic phenomenon is to blame.

In an interview with, Paris says that his investigative background sent him on a mission to find another possible explanation for the “Wow!” signal and he tracked down two “suspicious” comets that may have been in the vicinity of Chi Sagittarii on Aug. 15, 1977. Interestingly, these comets, called 266P/Christensen and 335P/Gibbs, were only discovered in 2006 and 2008, so weren’t considered as possible reasons for the signal in 1977 as no one knew of their existence.

But what have comets got to do with errant radio bursts?

The “Wow!” signal was recorded in the 1420MHz radio frequency band. It just so happens that cosmic neutral hydrogen naturally radiates at this frequency — it is therefore an abundant signal that is commonly used in astronomy. This is no coincidence; through alien-hunting logic, should there be an extraterrestrial species wanting to make contact, what frequency would they use? Firstly, as we only have ourselves to use as an alien template, we have to assume that hypothetical aliens will likely use radio waves. Secondly, if they are using radio waves to communicate with us, they would likely use a frequency that other intelligent aliens would be naturally tuned into. 1420MHz is the “universal water cooler,” where intelligent life could check into and potentially chat.

The bummer is, however, that comets contain copious amounts of hydrogen in their atmospheres. Say if the “Wow!” signal was actually caused by the chance passage of a comet through the radio telescope’s field of view, packing a powerful radio surge?

In 2017, Comet 266P will once again orbit in front of Chi Sagittarii and Comet 335P will do so the following year and Paris wants to test this hypothesis. Unfortunately, existing radio telescopes are already booked, so he has to buy or build his own radio antennae in time for the cosmic encounters. He has a crowdfunding campaign set up to raise the $20,000 he needs and is most of the way there.

It may be a long shot, but as is the way with many astronomical studies, all possible phenomena need to be ruled out before a discovery is made and, should Paris’ experiment prove the “Wow!” signal was in fact caused by interference by an undiscovered comet, the universe will get quieter once again, making the Fermi Paradox even more bewildering.

Mushroom Cloud Filmed At Area 51, After Clinton Promises Disclosure

A huge mushroom cloud was recently filmed at Area 51 by a couple of passers by who spotted the large plume of smoke from the mysterious top-secret US military airbase – thought to be the home of UFOs and aliens.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

Jimmy and Jackie posted a video to YouTube, which shows a plume of dark smoke rise from the UFO base as they drive towards it.

When they reached the main gate, which has warning signs not to cross, there was another group of four people watching the smoke who were being monitored by a white security jeep parked up on a hill.

Some conspiracy theorists claim the authorities conceal evidence of aliens visiting Earth from the public within the base.

It has been claimed a “flying saucer complete with aliens” said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 was taken and stored there for examination.

Some suggest they try to reverse engineer alien space craft there, but more grounded researchers claim it is just a testing site for new aircraft technologies.

British UFO expert Mike Oram even claims he was abducted by aliens in league with military personal during a visit to Area 51.

The base is so secretive that Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has vowed to find out what goes on there if she makes it into the White House.

Other conspiracy theorists claim a controversial High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) may have been restarted at Area 51.

HAARP was a weather ion research programme jointly funded by the US Air Force, US Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and universities.

It began in 1993 and at the height of conspiracies, some theorists claimed it could change weather patterns, cause earthquakes, droughts and storms.

Actually, based on a sub-arctic facility, an Air Force-owned site near Gakona, Alaska, HAARP’s purpose was to analyse the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.

It temporarily ceased in May 2013 and was officially closed a year later.

As the couple drove away from the base they were caught by a sudden downpour of rain.

Jimmy said: “We’ve got a big cloud coming over us. It is probably radioactive rain from whatever they are burning over there.”

Their trip took place in 2012, but the footage is making waves after being posted on paranormal YouTube channel FindingUFO.

Online posters speculated over what could have caused the fire.

One appeared to believe it could be connected to Haarp.

Translated from French, they posted: “Make Rain! Carbon dioxide and silver iodide. Geo-engineering Desert!

“The aliens are a diversion. A type of scientific research?”

But Richard Mather posted: “Looks like there burning their toxic waste again. Well the president signed an executive order that they can do what they like.”

Jimmy said he asked at a cafe in the nearest town Rachel, and staff said it was probably a “brush fire.”

There are reports that on April 4 1999 there was a huge fire in the mountains by Area 51, that was officially said to have been caused by a lightening strike.

But researchers claim it was a crash involving two B-52 Bombers that took off from Area 51.

A report of the incident, which includes pictures said to have been taken of the fire on said: “The first official story said that it was caused by lightning strike. Later, when it became obvious that this was impossible, the story changed. According to the new story, the fire was caused by an accident involving two B-52 bombers that took off from Area 51.

“One lost two attached external fuel tanks shortly after takeoff, which exploded on impact with the ground.

“This version may or may not be true.

“Or it is just another cover story for an even more secret test mission that crashed that night into the mountains just north of Area 51.

“I did not see any fire fighting trucks or planes, or any other attempts to put out the blaze. In fact, except for a couple of security helicopters there were absolutely no planes anywhere around to be seen that night.”

The author said they made a freedom of information request about the incident but were given no details.

Airplane Passenger Takes Pictures Of ‘UFO’ Near To Top-Secret Area 51 Military Base

An airline passenger claims to have captured images of a UFO giving off ‘bright lights and orbs’ on the ground near the top-secret Area 51 military base.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP Today

The witness was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, California to Houston, Texas, when he took a series of pictures of a giant metallic disc in the Nevada desert.

He said the plane was flying near Luning and Gabbs on October 30 when he noticed ‘blinding bright light’ in the desert below.

The unnamed man reported his sighting to the Mutual UFO Network which investigates UFO sightings in the US.

But all may not be as it seems with some pointing out that it could actually be a giant solar farm near the site.

He told the organisation: ‘I was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, Ca to Houston, TX on October 30, 2015 when I noticed a blinding bright light in the desert near Luning and Gabbs, NV.

‘I saw a large silver disc that appeared to be in the middle of the desert. This disc was shooting orb like lights into the air. 

‘The disc itself had multiple lights that were blinding to the eyes. I pulled out my phone and took pictures until my phone died.

‘No other passengers seem to notice the disc or comment on it. Upon my return home; I asked multiple Air Force employees if they have ever seen anything like this and all replied never. Initially I thought it was a satellite but now leave it up to your interpretation. What the hell did I witness?’

He said neither the captain nor fellow passengers said anything and the plane carried on until the disc was out of sight.  

The United States government only acknowledged the existence of the off-limits military base in the southern Nevada desert for the first time in 2013.

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily is quoted by the Express as saying: ‘This disc formation on the ground does have the appearance of a landed UFO on the ground.

‘Gabby is about 140 miles south west of Area 51. The person caught a cloaked (hidden) UFO in the area. The metallic of the UFO is partly exposed and I’m sure it wasn’t for long.

‘This UFO is partly cloaked to look like the surrounding area. Some cloaks make UFOs appear as clouds, others invisible, this one…is trying to blend in with the surroundings.’

The Mutual UFO Network has reportedly classified the sighting as ‘unresolved’.

Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’ Season 1 Episode 5: The Return

There is evidence that suggests we experienced 20th century alien contact. In 1942, the Battle of Los Angeles involved the US military and Air Defense allegedly fighting a UFO.


WWII Allied Air Force planes were buzzed by balls of light that some think could have been extraterrestrial. And the alleged crash of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 propelled the world into the age of UFOs.

For decades, some people have been searching for the sounds of extraterrestrial intelligence, while others have been sending messages out into deep space. What would happen if aliens answered… or came calling?

What protocols exist to determine who would speak on behalf of mankind, and how might we communicate?

What happens if they return? Some believe they already have.

NASA Cuts Live Space Station Video After Mystery UFO Flies Past

A SNAPSHOT taken of the unidentified craft with coloured lights sent UFO hunters into meltdown online and NASA has still not provided an explanation for the footage.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today

LOOKS like the International Space Station astronauts are not alone up there, if this mysterious object hurtling past is anything to go by.

The UFO , which appears to have coloured lights, was filmed live by NASA’s video camera on the craft which is orbiting 260 miles above Earth.

But moments later, the feed was cut with no explanation.

Jadon Beeson had been watching the images on his phone when he spotted the UFO.

The 20-year-old said:

I realised there was a metal object. It had a blue glow to it and it stayed there for about two minutes.”

It looks like something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

His snapshot of the UFO sparked an online frenzy.

Jadon, of Worcestershire, has sent the footage to NASA but he added:

I’ve heard nothing back yet.”

The agency did not respond to requests for information about the sighting of the mysterious object.

Maybe aliens cut their phone line…

NASA is known for monitoring their live broadcasts to keep UFOs off their cameras, but occasionally one makes it through their nets. This huge UFO was broadcast from the International Space Station for over 60 seconds before disappearing into space. This is an amazing piece of evidence, and clearly one of the best sightings of 2016.

Video of Alleged Alien Recovered By The Military Goes Viral

A video posted a few weeks ago of what appears to be an alien being recovered by the military has gone viral. It has racked up nearly one million hits since the writing of this story. However, a UFO researcher did some digging and found out it was actually part of a mock military battle in which teams try to recover a fake alien from a crashed spacecraft.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: OPEN MINDS

The video in question (the picture used in the video can be seen above) was posted by YouTuber UFOvni2012. OVNI is a term for UFO used by Latin countries. In Spanish it stands for “objeto volador no identificado.” The phrase is also used in Italian and French.

The person who posted it presumably does not speak English as their primary language, as their English is a little rough. The video starts with the words: “A UFO could have been an accident. The military had taken a dead Alien. Apparently they hid hidden the discovery [sic].”

The video then goes on to show an image of an alien strapped to a stretcher with a military-style machine gun. The stretcher is surrounded by men in cammo with patches on their arms, and can only be partially seen in the edges of the picture. The video zooms in and pans across the alien body in silence. Finally, in big, red letters these words fade in: “REAL OR FAKE ?[sic]”

The answer to the question is fake. Although the alien figure is somewhat convincing, one of the comments on the YouTube video, by Christopher Wratten, states, “I took this photo.  I bought the alien for $150.  We use it as a prop on my airsoft field Ballahack Airsoft.  This was a picture of gameplay and people have taken it and put it all over the net as a possible real alien.  I find it very entertaining.”

Another commenter posted a link to the alien dummy on Amazon.

UFO researcher Issac Koi dug deeper and worked with Aaron Rose of Ballahack Airsoft to get more pictures and information about their alien “gamreplay.” On his website, Koi explains, “Ballahack Airsoft is the largest Airsoft field on the East Coast.  “Airsoft” is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns.”

He says the picture used by UFOvni2012 was taken at one of their events. Ballahack Airsoft has staged several alien recovery events using dummies and people wearing alien masks. They have posted a video of the first part of one of the events, and will be posting another with the second half. The video shows a lot of guys simulating modern warfare, running around a huge lot. There is also an apparent staged UFO crash site.

Although the first video does not show the aliens, Rose sent Koi some images from the event with the alien dummies, and some stills of the yet to be released second video. The alien body can clearly be seen. Apparently, part of the game was to smuggle the alien bodies out of the crash site.

The Ballahack video is really cool. Airsoft looks really fun, and their grounds are amazing. However, it is kind of sad their Airsoft video only has about 1,000 hits, while the fake alien video has nearly 1 million. It is also sad that UFOvni2012 must have known he was putting together a hoaxed video.

UFOvni2012’s videos have gone viral before. Hoaxed videos of mermaids, angels, UFOs, and even a bone on Mars, have garnered him millions of hits, and probably a good amount of cash in ad sharing revenue. It goes to show you, hoaxing can be lucrative, and this is why UFO enthusiasts must be extra careful when evaluating too good to be true UFO videos.

UPDATE 10/2/2014:

The alien video has been taken down by UFOvni2012. However, others have noticed their success and created their own. Here is another video that is similar to the original with the same picture.