This Is Your Voice

Welcome To Your World Of Knowledge

Voice Of People Today was created by Nerti U. Qatja in 2012, first on Facebook and now on Twitter and also on the web page.

If You Think You Have a ‘Big Story’, any Information, or something to suggest please contact us and we will share it here because ‘This Is The Voice Of People – This Is Your Voice’.


-We will not accept it blindly, but neither will not refuse emphatically and will not deny information that will be presented here.

-We simply will give to you evidence, the facts, the evidences of countless ordinary people or extraordinary around the world, taken in more than 3 resources, trying to bring the truth closer to you in a different way from what national televisions newspapers partisan or corrupt internet sites are telling you bullshit and are trying to wash your brain.

-We humbly ask forgiveness for anyone who may feel bad or offended by our posts, but to know only one thing, that our goal is not to offend someone people or culture, but to help you knowing the reality by throwing some questions like: How were we here? Where are we going ? Where we live and how we live? Why we have the war after the war? Why there are murders? Why there is violence? Why has poverty? Why not get better? Why not change? Can we change? How to do? etc. etc.

But if anyone who may feel offended or irritated with any item please do not hesitate to contact us.

-We know very well that skeptics will never want to see the facts and evidence, although they have these in front of their eyes and often even they are reaching into their hands, so they are limited to giving standard and controlled answers that listens everywhere equally.

-Please before you open again this site throw away your ‘controled mind’ and read with an open mind. We have our eyes to see, logic, reason, intuition, so we should not suffice always the ones that this system is tell us for so long to separate us from each other. Making us believe that we are tribes, civilizations, cultures , religion or something else different from our neighbor front of us. We are separated by the party, layered cultural and different social to see each other as the enemy because they are afraid if we unite and become ‘one’ (as we should have been in fact).

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